Household Expenses or Holidays

Every household has expenses that pop up now and again that aren’t quite planned.

If you are needing some extra funds into your household, Xceda can help. This could be for:

  • A much needed holiday
  • Urgent medical expenses
  • School or university fees
  • Home improvements or renovations.

Loans that are under $3,000 may be eligible as unsecured loans, otherwise you may have a car or other asset that may be suitable as security for the loan.

If you are unsure about whether or not one of our loans is suitable for you, please feel free to contact us on 0800 11 22 74 or simply apply via the button above.

For Xceda’s standard Loan Fees, Terms and Conditions please click here. Interest rates vary from 17.95% p.a. to 29.85% p.a. depending on a number of factors including: the security provided, credit history, serviceability and any existing loan payment history with Xceda Finance.

Loan Criteria includes:

Credit History

Credit history is just one of many factors we assess when reviewing a loan application. 

However, we do understand that most people go through a difficult patch at some stage in their life such as sickness or a relationship breakup, and for many this can affect their credit rating. So when looking at any bad or adverse credit history, we pay particular attention to how a person dealt with it, how long ago it happened and to what extent it was a problem.

Affordability and Stability

As a Responsible Lender, we consider your capacity to meet the loan repayments.

Depending on the repayment amount and your income sources, this may require us getting information about your income and expenses.

We also consider your job and living history to determine whether your capacity to meet the repayments is likely to change during the term of the loan.


In some cases, particularly where there is recent or unexplained bad credit, we may suggest a guarantor to provide additional security.

There has been some changes to Consumer Lending in New Zealand which means it may take you longer when you borrow. To find out more about these changes and how they will effect you, please check out the resources on Financial Services Federations website.

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