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Secured Term Deposits

Xceda Finance Limited (“Xceda”) is Non-Bank Deposit Taker regulated by the Reserve Bank of New Zealand.

Since 2004 Xceda (formerly named Asset Finance Limited) has been offering secured term deposits to New Zealanders.

The key features of Xceda’s Term Deposits are:

  • Secured Investment: The deposits are secured by a first-ranking charge over all of the present and future assets and undertakings of the company for greater security and risk management. We offer both NZD and AUD term deposits.
  • Fixed interest returns: Each term deposit has a fixed interest return to you, providing you with the certainty of your interest return at fixed intervals.
  • Terms: Flexible terms from 6 to 60 months. This allows investors to tailor the term deposit to meet your investment needs.
  • Flexible payments: Investors can elect to receive monthly or quarterly interest payments, or compound quarterly.
  • No hidden fees: There are no hidden fees with our term deposits. The fixed rates are net to you.
  • Competitive rates: Xceda offers competitive returns to match each investor’s requirements.
  • Track record: The Xceda investment team has a proven track record of managing term deposit funds for over 20 years. 
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Term Deposit amounts

We take minimum investments of $2,500 in either NZD or AUD.

If you have $100,000 or more to invest for 2 years or longer, Xceda may be able to offer you a special rate!

Credit Rating

The creditworthiness of Xceda Finance Limited has been rated by Equifax Australia Credit Ratings Pty Ltd (“Equifax”), a ratings agency approved by the Reserve Bank under section 86 of the Non-bank Deposit Takers Act 2013.

The Company has received a credit rating of ‘B Stable’ from Equifax. A copy of our current credit rating report is provided for your reference here.

Further information and detail on the credit rating and what it means may be found on the Reserve Bank of New Zealand's "Know your credit ratings factsheet".

Current Term Deposit Rates

Term NZD Rate p.a.% AUD Rate p.a.%
5 Years 5.50% 6.00%
4 Years 5.50% 6.00%
3 Years 5.40% 5.75%
2 Years 5.10% 5.50%
18 months 4.90% 5.10%
12 months 4.75% 4.95%
9 months 4.25% N/A
6 months 3.85% N/A

Rates valid from 20 April 2022 - Rates are subject to change without notice.

How to invest

  1. Read our Product Disclosure Statement.
  2. Decide on a term and interest rate.
  3. Make an Application and provide a Certificate of Identity.
  4. Or call our helpful Investment Team on 0800 657 800 or email us on invest@xceda.co.nz.

Note: for each term deposit investment we are required to either sight original identification documents or to have the Certification completed by a qualified person. If you are unsure of these requirements then please Contact Us at any point in this process - we're here to help!

Investments from outside New Zealand

All investments must be made into our bank account. Funds must be transferred to Xceda Finance in the currency of the term deposit selected by the investor, i.e. in NZD for NZD term deposits, or AUD for AUD term deposits. All interest and principal payments will be made to the investor in the currency of the term deposit. Please see the Product Disclosure Statement for information about the Currency Risks of the investment.

Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA)

Investments from US citizens or tax residents are subject to FATCA regulations. These regulations may require Xceda Finance to disclose details about your investment to the Inland Revenue Department in New Zealand, who may in turn provide information to the IRS in the United States.


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