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Privacy Policy



Your privacy is very important to us.

When you access our website, contact us or submit an application form to us, we may collect personal information from you.  This policy explains your rights and obligations with respect to your personal information collected or held by us.


Personal information we collect


When you access our website we may collect the following information:

  • technical information such as your web browser type, IP address, pages you visit on our site and the date and time you visit our site; and
  • information you provide to us such as your name and contact details and any other information you voluntarily provide to us;


If you apply for a loan or credit from us, or request a quote from us, we will also collect the information you provide to us on the form, application or request which may include:

  • your name and contact details, including your address;
  • information about your identity and other personal details including security information;
  • information about your loan or investment requirements;
  • information about your current or previous employment, income, assets, expenses, liabilities, bank accounts and transactions, and other financial and personal circumstances;
  • information about your credit history, credit accounts, credit that may have been extended to you and your repayment history; and
  • your IRD number and tax status.


If you are applying for credit or a loan, we will need to conduct credit checks and obtain information about your credit history from third parties.  See the privacy waiver below for more details


How we collect personal information


We may collect personal information:

  • directly from you, when you use our website, send us an enquiry, apply for a product or service from us, make a request from us or when you provide that information to us;
  • automatically from your use of the website, including through cookies. You may turn off cookies in some browser settings, see more detail about cookies here.
  • from third parties in connection with our credit checking process including from:
    • any trading bank, finance company, credit union or other financial institution;
    • any credit reporting service or agency, such as Baycorp or Veda Advantage;
    • any government agency, such as Waka Kotahi New Zealand Transport Agency, Land Information New Zealand, the Personal Property Securities Register, Ministry of Justice, Inland Revenue Department and Work and Income New Zealand;
    • credit collection agencies; or
    • other third parties as required for the purposes set out below.


How we use and disclose your personal information


We collect, hold and disclose your personal information for the following purposes:

  • to confirm your identity;
  • to verify your current credit obligations
  • to assist us to meet our responsible lending obligations (which can be found on our website);
  • to assist us in making a decision on whether or not to provide you with credit, and which credit products are right for you;
  • to provide you with quotes
  • to obtain further information about you from third parties;
  • to enforce your contract with us if you default in your obligations to us; and
  • to improve our website;
  • to contact you about our products and services and for marketing purposes.

We may also disclose your personal information to law enforcement, government agencies or third parties as we may be required by law.


Holding and protecting your personal information


We work hard to ensure help ensure we keep your personal information safe, and we will only retain it for so long as is reasonably required for the purposes we collected it for unless we need to retain it to meet legal obligations.


Accessing and correcting your personal information


You may access your personal information and request correction of your personal information by contacting us here.



This website uses cookies which store technical information and allow us to better interact with your browser and identify you on subsequent visits to our site.  You can change your cookie settings in your browser.


Google Analytics


We use Google Analytics to collect and aggregate information to help improve our website and our marketing.  Google's privacy policy is available at To prevent your personal information from being used by Google Analytics, use the Google Analytics opt-out browser add-on for the Google Analytics 

You can view a summary of the Privacy Act and find out more about your privacy rights on the Office of the Privacy Commissioner’s website.


Privacy Waiver - Credit Applications


I/We understand that the personal information Xceda Finance Limited requests and I provide may be used to obtain further information about me from third parties, to assist Xceda Finance in making a decision as to whether to provide me credit and for enforcement of my contract if I default on my obligations to Asset Finance.

The personal information may include details of my credit history, outstanding fines as well as contact information and information about my assets, employment status, liabilities and income.

Xceda Finance may collect such information from

  • trading banks, finance companies, credit unions and other financial institutions;
  • credit reporting services or agencies, such as Centrix, Equifax and illion;
  • government agencies, such as Waka Kotahi New Zealand Transport Agency, Land Information New Zealand, the Personal Property Securities Register, Ministry of Justice, Inland Revenue Department and Work and Income New Zealand;
  • credit collection agencies; and
  • other third parties as required for the purposes described in this waiver.




I understand and agree that:

  • by giving this authorisation third parties may provide my personal information they hold to Xceda Finance;
  • neither Xceda Finance nor any third party needs to contact me before providing my personal information to Xceda Finance;
  • if I default in my obligations to Xceda Finance, information about that default may be given to a credit reporting agency;
  • any third parties that Xceda Finance provides my personal information to under this authorisation may retain that information and use it to provide their own services, although any use and disclosure by those third parties must be in accordance with the Privacy Act 2020;

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