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New Term Deposit Rates Announced




p.a for a 12 months min term*

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*Rates valid from 13 March 2024 - Advertised rates are subject to change without notice

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Term Deposits & Savings Accounts



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Term Deposits

We offer highly competitive rates for term deposits up to 5 years.
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Savings Accounts

Earn a premium rate of interest whilst your cash is on call, ready to use whenever you need it.
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90 Day Notice Saver

Our 90 day notice saver lets you save that little bit extra – perfect for both individuals and SMEs.
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Loan Products



Group 6602

Bridge Mortgage Loans

Short-term mortgage lending  to purchase or refinance a  property, with fast approval times and streamlined credit process.
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Property Investment Loans

To purchase a residential property for investment purposes, for example buying a property for rental purposes, or to land bank over a longer term.
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Equity Release Loan

By utilising the existing equity in your home or investment property, Xceda can advance you a lump sum or a line of credit for any purpose.
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Over 55 Loans

Specialist lending solutions for the over 55 age customer – for purchasing or refinancing a property, or to release equity. Loans can be tailored to or beyond retirement.
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For over 25 years Xceda Finance has been offering investment and lending products to New Zealanders. 


Licensed by the Reserve Bank, Xceda adheres to strict regulations & governance by the RBNZ. We are committed to providing NZ individuals and businesses with tailored financial services, focusing on personal service and responsible lending, to enable you to reach and then exceed your financial goals.

Xceda Finance is one of only 7 finance company institutions in NZ granted a license by the Reserve Bank as a Non-Bank Deposit Taker.

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