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Gain Financial Freedom with Xceda’s Super Saver Account

Everyone wants financial freedom, and you can achieve it much faster when you know how to make smart financial decisions. The Xceda Super Saver Account could be your key to achieving your financial goals. Xceda is a well-established loan and finance company in New Zealand offering various investment opportunities. One of our newest offerings is the Super Saver Account, designed to help you maximise your savings and grow your money over time. With a Super Saver Account, you can enjoy competitive interest rates to watch your money flourish, secure saving options for a worry-free future, and the flexibility to choose your investment term. Learn more about Xceda’s Super Saver account and how it can help you on your path to financial freedom.


What is a Super Saver Account?

A Super Saver Account is Xceda’s groundbreaking on-call savings solution set to revolutionise the way savers manage finances. It offers an attractive introductory interest rate of 5.00% p.a., designed for those who seek flexibility and substantial returns on their deposits.


Why Open a Super Saver Account with Xceda?

Xceda’s Super Saver Account is more than just a savings account; it’s a financial tool designed for the modern saver who demands both yield and flexibility from their banking solutions. Here are key features:


Premium Interest Rates

The Super Saver Account offers premium interest rates, allowing you to earn attractive returns on your deposits. Unlike traditional savings accounts, where higher returns often mean limited access to funds, the Super Saver Account ensures you have complete access to your investment at any time. This unique feature provides the freedom to manage your money on your terms, making it an ideal option for those who need both profitability and accessibility in their financial planning.



The Super Saver Account allows you to deposit and withdraw funds as needed. This feature is especially attractive for those requiring liquidity and benefits from higher interest rates. Whether saving for a holiday, a home deposit, or just building a financial buffer, the account caters to various financial goals with ease and efficiency.


No Fees

Xceda maximises your savings growth by eliminating hidden fees. There are no charges for account setup, maintenance, or transactions, which include deposits and withdrawals. The interest rate you earn is net of any operational fees (excluding standard NZ withholding tax), ensuring that the returns you see are the returns you get. This transparency in fee structure makes the Super Saver Account attractive and trustworthy.


One Click Away

Xceda has ensured that the Super Saver Account is fully accessible online, simplifying the account management process. You can sign up, deposit funds, and manage your account all through a secure online portal, which offers detailed oversight of transactions and balance management. This digital approach not only enhances user convenience but also aligns with modern expectations for quick and easy banking solutions.


Customer Support and Added Benefits

Recognising the importance of personalised service, Xceda maintains a dedicated call centre to assist with enquiries, providing a personal touch often missing in digital-only offerings. Additionally, account holders benefit from exclusive rates on other financial products, reinforcing our commitment to rewarding customer loyalty and building long-term relationships.


Open a Super Saver Account with Xceda Today!

Whether saving for a dream vacation, a down payment on a house, or simply for your future self, the Xceda Super Saver Account can be a valuable tool on your path to financial freedom. With high interest rates, no fees, and easy online access, it stands out as a premier choice for anyone looking to optimise their financial health.


Ready to get started? Learn more about Xceda’s Super Saver Account and secured term deposits, and apply online today.